Scorpion Sports Responds to TR Deal


News earlier this week that Tucker Rocky Distributing will begin offering the ScorpionExo helmet collection to retailers came as a bombshell to many in the industry after Scorpion Sports, Inc. (SSI) spent the past five years growing the brand as a dealer-direct supplier.

SSI leadership wants to emphasize that the Tucker Rocky deal was negotiated by Scorpion's parent company, Kido Corp. of South Korea, and that SSI plans to continue its dealer-direct business model with its ScorpionExo brand of helmets and exclusive line of ExoWear technical riding apparel.

"Scorpion Sports and its team of factory sales reps remains the only single source for all ScorpionExo products," says SSI President Rick Miller.

"Co-distribution was never part of the original business plan, but difficult economic times create strange alliances," adds SSI VP Sales and Marketing Eric Anderson. "Note this alliance is between our parent company and Tucker Rocky, not Scorpion Sports."

SSI operates two facilities in the U.S., its headquarters and warehouse in Lake Forest, Calif., and a distribution center in Louisville, Ky. Those facilities will remain the exclusive home of the ExoWear collection, customer service support, regional warehouses, R&D, advertising and public relations for the brand.

Tucker Rocky and Kido Corp. revealed their distribution partnership for Scorpion helmets on June 23. "We are looking for increased market penetration and ease of ordering from the dealer network," Jang Park, chairman of Kido Corp., said when announcing the deal.

Tucker Rocky's addition of the Scorpion helmet line came less than a week after the distributor and helmet brand KBC parted ways.

—Submitted by Guido Ebert