Scorpion Sports unleashes new products, returns to dealer-direct sales

Publish Date: 
Feb 15, 2013
By Dennis Johnson

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. -- This weekend at Dealer Expo, Scorpion Sports unveils to dealers a company with a revitalized sales force, four new products, a return to dealer direct sales, and a renewed effort to reestablish a brand sidelined by a few wrong moves.

The show marks the first public showing Scorpion’s made since severing distribution agreements with Tucker Rocky and D2M to return to its dealer direct roots. The company has also brought on a new vice president, John Kim, and a new national sales manager, Jayson Wickenkamp.

According to the new management, the changes are coming directly from Jang Park, owner of Kido Sports, the South Korean parent company of Scorpion Sports Inc. Park, Wickenkamp said, is so passionate about reestablishing Scorpion’s presence in the market that he is the one who decided to do an about-face with the brand.

In addition to the internal changes and the move back to dealer direct sales, Kido has also signed a lease on a new headquarters for the U.S. company, restarted R&D and product development, and even bought back Tucker Rocky’s unsold Scorpion inventory.

“Our brand is not just a logo. There’s a high quality of product, R&D, engineering and passion behind it,” Wickenkamp said. “There is a passion there that transcends the idea of ‘let’s just make a helmet.’”

Wickenkamp pointed out that this passion also still exists within Scorpion’s customer base, many of whom were likely not privy to the inside machinations playing out behind the company’s efforts to keep sales and production up during the recession and industry’s collapse. It’s these forces, noted Kim, that drove the helmet distribution deals — a bandage approach, he said — with Tucker Rocky and D2M.

While the brand’s profile may have fallen off within the industry’s insider circle, it remained somewhat strong among end-users — thanks in no small part to the company’s team of independent sales reps who kept pumping the product over the past few years, he said. (Continued)