Scottoiler strengthens U.S. presence, starts with BMW

Publish Date: 
Apr 15, 2013
By Bruce Steever

GLASGOW, Scotland - Scottoiler occupies an odd space in the U.S. powersports market. Odd, because it appears to be a niche product for American riders. Yet Scottoiler is one of the most universally applicable products available, because most metric bikes utilize a chain final drive. Scottoiler aims to change that status with an improved push into the U.S. market and new OEM relationships, starting with BMW.

For those not familiar with the Scottoiler brand, the Scotland-based company builds automatic chain oilers that aim to eliminate the need to constantly clean and lube the chain as well as extend the life of the driveline. The brand began when founder Fraser Scott created a system to lubricate his motorcycle chain while in motion.

According to Scottoiler marketing manager Matt Ennen, Scott had a very personal reason to keep his bike rolling. “In 1977 Fraser Scott was regularly riding up and down the country between Glasgow and Manchester to visit his girlfriend of the time," Ennen said. "He spent more time on these trips lubricating his chain than he did seeing his girlfriend, so he thought of a clever way to lubricate the chain ‘on the go’. The Scottoiler was born.”

Of course, no beginning is ever easy. Scott contracted a manufacturing firm to mass-produce his new invention in 1983, only to receive a lukewarm reaction from the buying public at the U.K.’s Birmingham national bike show in 1984. Instead of closing up shop, Scott bought up the remaining stock and began a much more humble mail-order business from his home.

Ennen continues the tale of Scottoiler’s genesis: “The bikers that had bought a Scottoiler directly from Fraser began visiting their local dealers to refill their reservoirs and were disappointed that none of them stocked it. As customer demand grew, the dealers contacted their distributors for Scottoiler products and a supply chain was born.”

In the end, it was word of mouth that kept Scott in business and growing. That fact is not lost upon Scottoiler even today. “User recommendation is the truest and most honest form of marketing,” claims Ennen. “And we still rely on our customers to spread the word about Scottoiler products.”

Today, Scottoiler has grown to become a worldwide powersports brand. Still based in Glasgow, Scottoiler exports to over 30 countries. Scottoiler estimates that 1 in 10 bikes in the U.K. run a Scottoiler system. The chain oiler systems are also certified to strict German TUV standards. Part of that growth is being built on the backbone of new OEM relationships, starting with BMW. (continued)