Scottoiler strengthens U.S. presence, starts with BMW

Publish Date: 
Apr 15, 2013
By Bruce Steever

While most BMWs are still shaft-driven, many of the most popular new BMWs such as the S1000RR and F800GS are equipped with chain drives. The burgeoning relationship with the German marque has allowed Scottoiler to greatly expand its exposure and sales.

“Our relationship began when BMW approached us at the UK Motorcycle Dirt Show,” explained Ennen. “They had recently made the decision to produce chain-driven bikes and were interested in the Scottoiler solution for automatic chain maintenance.

“Obviously working with one of the most prestigious motorcycle manufacturers is a huge achievement for a small Scottish company. The partnership gives Scottoiler the credibility it deserves and has helped to open doors, especially with manufacturers across Europe,” Ennen continued.

With customers now able to purchase Scottoiler products under BMW part numbers, Scottoiler continues to grow. And as alluded to, expect to see additional OEM relationships begin soon. But the U.S. market is a large target that is now under focus. Scottoiler intends to work directly with dealers to grow the sales network while word-of-mouth marketing continues to spread the brand among consumers.

“Every dealer should stock Scottoiler products,” Ennen said. “It is a new product to the U.S. market and will attract customers, bringing in people who are curious about the Scottoiler’s products.

“Scottoiler is the ultimate accessory a dealership can sell. There are multiple routes to the consumer. A Scottoiler is the very first upsell opportunity.

One of the best times to sell a Scottoiler, Ennen continued, is when a customer purchases a new or used motorcycle. "Dealerships have the opportunity to sell the customer the installation service. And the specially blended Scottoil is a major selling point, as customers have to come back to stock up on oil. This will generate recurring sales each year, plus you have the customer browsing your shop while they are there, hopefully buying other items. It’s all about the long-term benefit of Scottoiler products that will match your long-term relationship with the customer,” he noted.

For dealers concerned with the critical aspects of investing in any new product, Scottoiler doesn’t demand major investments in stocking the product range. A starter pack is available for new dealers that features the parts required to represent the range. Margins are set to 35 percent across the range.

Scottoiler reportedly takes great pride in their customer service, with a huge database of model-specific installation guides. In addition, any spares or adaptors required for specific applications are always included free of charge.

Scottoiler has taken into consideration that some dealers may not want to stock an item that may have long delivery times or supply-side issues. “The U.S. is our most important market at the moment,” said Ennen. “We started a U.S.-focused website two years ago, and we fulfill orders from our warehouse in Georgia. We will turn around orders in the mainland U.S. within an average two to three days.”


Scottoiler eSystem

In addition to the classic vSystem that operates using engine vacuum, Scottoiler developed a new all-electric version to better suit more demanding customers and unusual mounting solutions. The more advanced system also brings the Scottoiler system up to date with today’s tech-savvy consumers.

"The eSystem was a natural progression for Scottoiler and followed the trends we see in the motorcycling world. It has also become increasingly difficult to maintain and repair modern motorcycles," said marketing manager Mark Ennen. "Most services are now done by the dealership; however, chain maintenance still seems to be stuck in the last century.

“The electronic Scottoiler addresses all these issues," he continues. "The only connection to the motorcycle is to the battery. We wanted to make our system not only easy to install but also easily transferable to the next bike. The system is activated through an accelerometer. It picks up the engine vibration to start the system, however it will not start the oiling process until you reach a set speed. This prevents over-oiling of your chain in slow traffic or when sitting at traffic lights. The eSystem comes with a handlebar display that shows you everything that is going on: oil flow rate, reservoir level, accelerometer activity and ambient temperature. This is taking chain maintenance and chain lubrication into the 21st century.” -- Bruce Steever