Scottoiler updates Suzuki V-Strom chain oiler kits

Publish Date: 
Aug 27, 2014

BEDFORD, Pa. - Scottoiler USA, distributor for the Scottland, UK-sourced chain oiler system, announced an updated vSystem fitment to suit Suzuki's V-Strom models.

The Scottoiler vSystem draws a very small vacuum from the engine’s manifold which opens a valve in the lubricant reservoir installed under the seat. Low tack chain lube is then dispensed via a tube to the rear sprocket and onto the chain. Although fully adjustable, recommended setting is just one drop per minute to keep the bike’s chain at maximum efficiency.

The measured amount of low-tack chain lubricant extends chain and sprocket life by up to seven times, according to the company, provides for a smoother power transmission to the rear wheel and significantly extends chain maintenance intervals.

The MSRP of the Scottoiler vSystem to suit Suzuki V-Strom models is $137.95.

From a press release