ScreenWave brings service menu boards into 21st century

Publish Date: 
Sep 29, 2012
By Bruce Steever

THERE ARE PLENTY of reasons why menu-selling your Service department’s repair and maintenance offerings is a proven strategy, but dealers should look to use more than a simple white board and a Sharpie.

Consumers are expecting to see technology in use wherever they go, especially if they are looking to spend money on their beloved high-tech ride.

Customizable digital signage allows dealers to meet and exceed those expectations.

It’s important to understand how to utilize a digital display, because simply posting your sales or service menu on a TV screen is not going to change your business. 10 Foot Wave, now part of the Mood Media group*, specializes in maximizing impact using digital menu platforms. Its ScreenWave platform offers a wide range of industry-specific and OEM content that can be combined with your own original materials to better engage the customer and close the sale.

One of the primary features of the ScreenWave platform is the ability to seamlessly call up video-on-demand to respond to the needs of the customer conversation at hand. A service writer can discuss potential servicing needs or potential problems and immediately call up a short video or animation detailing the topic. The opposite also is true, as the customer may see content on the ScreenWave system that prompts them to request an additional service check or aftermarket upgrade.

Besides the immediately engaging ability of video, ScreenWave allows for exceptional customization. Multiple zones on-screen can serve a variety of functions, pricing and menu options are easy to change in the blink of an eye, and still and video assets can be created or sourced locally or nationally. All this allows the dealer to highlight seasonal changes, industry or dealership events or any number of upselling tools such as accessory highlights or new model features.

The 10 Foot Wave systems are flexible and expandable based on dealer needs, with a single installation starting around $350 and monthly subscription fees of less than $100. Optional service bundles with other Mood Media products also can provide additional discounts compared to basic a la carte pricing. 10 Foot Wave strongly suggests comparing its pricing versus DIY menu boards and cable television or satellite providers.

Currently, over 800 service providers, primarily in the auto industry, use ScreenWave digital signage, according to the company. Most locations use a combination of menu boards and Mood Media’s private TV programming to entertain and engage their customers. The ScreenWave system uses an all-in-one online portal to manage the digital content and update the displayed content. Changes only require an Internet connection and take effect in minutes.

According to 10 Foot Wave, most dealers using the system report spending only 30 minutes per month to update their screens with the content they need. 

*Canada-based Mood Media Corp. is an in-store media specialist firm that helps its clients communicate with consumers, with the goal of driving incremental sales at the point of purchase.

Press image courtesy 10 Foot Wave