Sea-Doo Garners NMMA Innovation Award

Publish Date: 
Feb 24, 2009

BRP received the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Award for the Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS watercraft and its iCONTROL feature.

The GTX Limited iS features iCONTROL, an advanced computer control technology that integrates an on-water braking system with iBR (intelligent Brake & Reverse) and rider suspension system with iS (intelligent Suspension) to give the rider more control than ever before.

The NMMA Innovation Award acknowledges manufacturers who bring to market new and innovative products that advance the boating industry and honors them for integrating new concepts that provide practicality to the consumer in a cost-effective manner. Award winners are selected by a panel of judges consisting of members of Boating Writers International (BWI). Awards are presented annually at the Miami International Boat Show.

- Submitted by Guido Ebert