Sedalia, Mo., chosen for 2012 BMW owners rally

Publish Date: 
Mar 14, 2011

An estimated 10,000 bikes are expected to rumble into Sedalia, Mo., in July 2012 for the annual BMW Motorcycle-Owners of America Rally.

Gov. Jay Nixon sas the state worked on a multi-year application to get to host the event. It completed a contract in 2009, but could not announce it publicly until last week.

"We had to compete nationally to get that," Nixon told KOMU. "It shows first of all the great facilities we have here, but boy will be it be a big shot in the arm for the local economy."

The state expects the summer 2012 event to impact the local and state economy.

"They're going to buy a lot of fuel. There will be some motel rental, I'm sure, so I think our local motels will definitely profit from this even bring here," state fair director Mike Wolfe says. "There's a lot of things that go along with a multi-day event here on the fairgrounds that reflects back on the local economy."

Posted by Holly Wagner

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