Selling to the post-recession consumer: Five steps to follow

Publish Date: 
Feb 15, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. -- Mark Mooney covers the basics of sales in his seminar “Selling to the Post-Recession Consumer: How to Turn‘Just Lookers’ into Buyers,” stressing the importance of covering five steps to ensure greater sales success at dealerships.

Mooney, the Director of Retail Performance at Pied Piper Management, says that while there is no magical formula for increasing sales, simply sticking to the basics with every customer who enters the dealership will glean results. Mooney outlines five basic steps to sales success:

  • Asking for the sale
  • Building rapport
  • Getting contact information
  • Reinforcing the sales process with the entire team
  • Ensuring what needs to be done is done

In addition to constantly reinforcing those steps, Mooney also urges dealers to have a written, defined sales process to reinforce good practices and to verify sales techniques on a regular basis. In addition to the sales team using the five techniques regularly, Mooney also says that the entire dealership staff should practice them.

Mooney quotes a number of sales practice statistics from a poll conducted by his company, stating that sales people ask for the sale—step one in his list—only 48 percent of the time. Increasing that number to 67 percent, he says, can result in as much as a 34 percent increase in actual sales.

Many of the practices that garner the best results, according to Mooney, are simple tasks. Building rapport begins by shaking hands with everyone who visits the dealership. “You want them to like you,” Mooney says. “How are they going to like you if they don’t even know your name?” (Continued)