Selling vehicles online is key to N.H. dealer's growth

Publish Date: 
Jan 2, 2014

PEMBROKE, N.H. - A business that started in 2002 with a garage, an eBay account and a dream has just moved into a new 62,000 sq. ft. facility packed with mostly used motorcycles and ATVs.

Nathan Sanel, 45, grandson of the founder of Sanel Auto Parts Co., started out by fixing up old motorcycles in his garage and selling them on eBay. The sideline did well, so he opened National Powersports Distributors and moved it out of his garage and into its own building.

“I had always wanted to own my own business,” he told the Concord Monitor. “And when the company I was working for at the time folded, I said, okay, I’m going to turn this thing into a real business.”

The newest facility is in Pembroke, just off State Route 106. He has a staff of 35 people and an inventory of about 700 motorcycles, mostly used. He sells them from the lot as well as online, which is still a large component of his business.

“It’s still a big part of my strategy. We’re actually the largest seller in the world of motorcycles on eBay right now. We have been for years,” he said. “There’s a lot of online places to sell motorcycles – and we pretty much have a presence anywhere you can buy motorcycles online.”

Sanel ships worldwide and said he ships an average of four or five bikes a day.

”The majority is the U.S., but we absolutely do ship all over the world. We have dealers in, let’s say, Malaysia that will buy container loads of motorcycles from me and we’ll ship those, as well as single bikes that will go to places like Canada,” he told local reporters. “We work with an exporter, too, so if someone in Germany or something wants a particular motorcycle, we can ship a single bike.”

Posted by Holly Wagner