SENA stresses diversity for rider comms options

Publish Date: 
Feb 16, 2013
By Beth Dolgner

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. -- Bluetooth-based rider communication systems are abundant, with every company boasting a different approach to stand out among the rest.

Rather than focusing on one selling point, SENA Technologies Inc. (Booth 1401) has diversified further, offering a number of different options by helmet type and, in some cases, style of riding.

One of the new products is the SMH10R, designed for full-face helmets. Intended to be as slim as possible, the battery compartment mounts separately to the back of the helmet, while the slim three-button controller mounts on the left side.

“We received a lot of demand from our customers that said they needed to have something that was streamlined. They did not want the bulkiness of a standard communication system. And that’s the SMH10R,” says SENA Technologies Sales Director Rick Grassadonia. “I consider this to be the lowest-profile communications system in the market today.”

SENA’s previous communication system for half helmets presented a problem: it only fit with about ten percent of the strap systems on the market. To make the system more compatible, SENA designed the SPH10H-FM. The control module mounts to the earpieces via a clamp system, making it compatible with virtually all half-helmet designs.