Shed a little illlumination with DragonFire’s LED dome light

Publish Date: 
Jan 23, 2013

MESA, Ariz.  — For customers who know what it’s like to go searching the cab of their UTV in the dark, DragonFire has created its own battery powered LED dome light kit.

The company points out that this isn’t just any dome light kit. It features high intensity LED bulbs and a stainless steel spring mounting bracket, into which the light slides in and out — making it a handy portable light.

The bracket is designed to be zip-tied to almost any 1-1/2 in. to 2 in. diameter cage tube.

The light itself features a flood light for use in the cab and side spotlights for handheld use. It also has a magnetic backing and a pop-out hanging hook.

Posted by Dennis Johnson