Shift Racing Now Official Shoe of XDL


From a press release

Shift Racing is joining the XDL Championship Series for the 2010 season as the Official Riding Shoe of XDL.

The partnership is a comprehensive program that includes extensive product placement and brand integration at XDL events and on INSIDE XDL, which premiers on the VERSUS Network on October 12, 2010.

At the core is the new Shift Kicker shoe, which has such features as a reinforced midsole for stability and a non-slip sole for optimal traction in all riding conditions. Medial and lateral plastic ankle protection protects against impacts and abrasions and a secure alloy buckle closure adds additional safety and a secure and personalized fit. The speed lace system makes it quick and easy to put on and take off the shoes, direct inject rubber atop the toe box provides extra durability and grip while shifting, and the breathable, moisture wicking interior materials offer exceptional comfort in the heat of a session. The Shift Kicker shoe will also be the shoe worn by XDL staff.

"The partnership with Shift makes sense in many ways" said series founder Randy Grube. "We've had a relationship since 2008, so we built on that and took the next step. The product is excellent and the brand is a perfect fit with XDL. I'm proud to wear Shift. Most importantly, Shift is one of those rare companies that "gets it". From the very first time we sat down for a meeting it was clear that they had a good concept for how to activate their brand within XDL, and since then Shift has jumped on every opportunity we have offered. Bottom line is that the XDL/Shift partnership is a great working relationship and 2010 looks like it'll be a great year for us."

The XDL Championship Series is the only national stunt riding championship and is now in its fifth season. For more info on XDL, please click on

“We’ve been involved in Sportbike Freestyle for several years” said Shift Media Relations manager Brian Horton. “Teaming up with the XDL Championship was just a natural progression for us. Shift is all about aggression, creativity and pushing your limits, which is a perfect fit with sportbike freestyle. You’ve got shoes made for just about any and every sport in the world, but sportbike freestyle riders were still out there risking injury in shoes designed for riding a skateboard. The art and aggression involved in sportbike freestyle requires a shoe that is just as specialized as any other sport out there, and we’re proud to supply both the top riders and the top championship with our performance footwear.

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posted by Dennis Johnson