Shooter outside Cycle Gear store may have 'stand your ground' defense

Publish Date: 
Sep 4, 2013

CHARLESTON, S.C. – A judge has granted bail for a man facing murder charges related to a shooting outside a North Charleston Cycle Gear shop, but a South Carolina self-defense law may halt the prosecution entirely.

Circuit Judge Markley Dennis set Ronald Reid’s bail at $100,000 Aug. 30 and ordered that he leave his home only to attend church, consult with his lawyer or see a doctor.

Reid is charged with murder in connection with the melee in early July. A concealed-weapons permit holder, Reid has said that he fatally shot 41-year-old Maurice Horry only after the Columbia man shot him in the leg. Reid also has said that the extent of his involvement in the fight that led to the gunfire was only to defend himself. The police have acknowledged that no evidence placed him in the skirmish and that Horry possibly was the first to pull a trigger, according to the Charleston Post and Courier.

Horry died of the bullet that Reid fired into his chest. Two other men, Carlos Davis, 39, and Theodore Waymyers, 36, also were killed; police are waiting for ballistics tests to confirm that Horry fired the shots that killed them.

South Carolina’s “castle doctrine” law and its related “stand your ground” provisions allow someone to use deadly force if he’s in a place legally and is faced with a threat against his own life.

Dennis said the case would boil down to whether Reid was one of the instigators of the fracas, which the police said was a dispute between rival motorcycle clubs. If he was at Cycle Gear legally, a judge might rule during a future hearing to bar Reid’s prosecution.

Posted by Holly Wagner