The Shop Revs Up in Wichita


Three Wichita, Kan., entrepreneurs have opened a full-service Oakley store with a twist: along with the fashionable apparel, The Shop will offer exclusive NASCAR apparel, automotive and motorcycle restorations and builds and skate gear.

"Basically, we've been into Oakley for years," Brook Phillips, who co-founded the store with Siena Plaza developer Chuck Caro and Curt Fulps, told The Wichita Eagle.

"We're all kind of in between — too young to be old and too old to be young. We like their products and there's really nobody in the Midwest that carries their apparel," he said. “We're targeting the 30-to-45 crowd."

Phillips and Fulps will create new-build motorcycles and cars and tricked-out vintage appliances.

The trio is trying to make the Siena Plaza store a unique destination in other ways. In addition to a full line of Oakley sunglasses, watches, clothing and gear, it will include a video game room for customers to use while shopping. Just west of the Shop, Caro is installing bocce ball courts.

Posted by Holly Wagner