Shoreline Motorsports: So far, no recovery in Kenosha


The economy may be recovering in some areas, but so far the recovery is a no-show in Kenosha, Wis., a powersports dealer there says.

“It’s not any better than it was last year,” Ken Maynor, who with his wife, Kelly, owns Shoreline Motorsports, told the Kenosha News. “I don’t really see anything, any improvement in the economy.”

The dealership sells Kawi and Triumph bikes, as well as ATVs and PWC.

Maynor says even more advertising hasn’t stopped the slide to half the sales of 2008. To move machines and clear inventory, he’s offering deals.

He cited a recent sale of a $10,200 bike: the manufacturer offered a $1,800 rebate and Maynor cut his price by $1,400, making the sale price of $7,000, a more than 30 percent reduction. He’s selling very close to cost, he says, and has cut back on orders.

Triumph is faring the best among his stock, partly because dealerships are more sparse. The pure toys are selling the least.

Even the closings of competitors, Ace Powersports and Racine Motor Sports haven’t helped Shoreline. But Maynor is optimistic.

“We feel we’ve hit bottom, and we’re starting to see the turn,” he says.

Posted by Holly Wagner