Silkolene greets snowmobile season with new oils

Publish Date: 
Oct 31, 2012

HARVEY, Ill. - Just in time for snow season, Silkolene has introduced three new oils specifically made for snowmobiles.

The Sno 2 Synthetic oil for two-stroke, high-performance engines features the company’s Electrosyntec technology, which provides high film strength, premium anti-wear characteristics and low smoke, the company says. All of these features help maintain top performance, prolong engine life and promote clean burning.

The Sno 4 5W40 synthetic engine oil is for four-stroke engines and low temperatures. Its formula of detergents, dispersants, load-carrying agents and anti-corrosion additives protect against wear and corrosion.

The Sno 4 Plus 5W30 has all of the features of the Sno 4 5W40, but with the company’s Electrosyntec technology, which helps improve lubricity and provides excellent anti-wear performance, the company says. It is recommended for use in severe winter conditions, and can even improve cold start performance.

Silkolene products are available through Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and WPS.