Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson changes hands after nearly 40 years

Publish Date: 
Oct 29, 2013
By Holly J. Wagner

Meanwhile, Harley-Davidson appealed the decision to the Superior Court system in Riverside and Los Angeles counties, asking that the NMVB’s decisions be reversed and the terminations be allowed to proceed.

Although the cases were against NMVB because it was the body that would have to change a ruling if Harley-Davidson succeeded, the dealers’ attorneys were making their arguments.

Court records indicate that the case against Fordyce has a trial date next May, but that is expected to be dismissed as a result of the sale.

The dispute over Laidlaw’s has been settled, dealer principal Brent Laidlaw confimed. Court records indicate an entry of judgment May 3, 2013. As with most settlements, Laidlaw confirmed terms are confidential.