SkyLINK locator expands into powersports market

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Apr 4, 2012

Inilex is extending its vehicle theft recovery system to the powersports market with the release of SkyLINK PowerSport, a vehicle recovery system that uses a combination of GPS, wireless and satellite technologies to track and recover stolen motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, scooters, snowmobiles and other vehicles in real time.

SkyLINK PowerSport is a compact device that dealers can install on nearly any powersports vehicle. The company says the unit is water resistant, vibration resistant and dustproof to withstand even the toughest riding or storage conditions and draws just 4 microamps of power, to reduce battery drain.

As soon as a vehicle is reported stolen, SkyLINK’s 24/7 agents use GPS and cellular technologies to track it and provide its exact location to the police department. SkyLINK PowerSport works with all law enforcement agencies and, because it tracks powersports in real time, the theft is reported to police as a high-priority crime. As a result, most SkyLINK-equipped vehicles are recovered within 24 hours, and many within minutes, the manufacturer says.

Dealers can take advantage of SkyLINK PowerSport to track vehicles that are being test-driven or used by employees, as well as to locate vehicles stolen from their lots. They can keep their inventory in check and account for every vehicle’s location at all times. The manufacturer suggests that dealers using the service may secure better terms from their bank lenders and insurance carriers because of the inventory management function.

“Powersport vehicles have two strikes against them when it comes to theft -- they’re easier to steal than cars because they can be placed in a truck bed, and they’re more difficult to recover because they can be easily hidden and their parts can be quickly altered,” says Michael Maledon, CEO of Inilex. “SkyLINK PowerSport tackles both of these issues by tracking its location whether it’s running or not, and ensuring the theft is reported as a crime in progress, triggering police to take immediate action.”

To help thwart theft, SkyLINK PowerSport automatically sets a “Quick Fence” early-theft detection perimeter around powersport vehicles when the ignition is shut off. If it moves without the owner’s knowledge, they are immediately notified by an email or text alert. The Quick Fence is disabled when the ignition is turned on. Additionally, SkyLINK Powersport offers an online dashboard called SkyLINK PROTECT that promotes safety by enabling owners to track their powersport vehicle’s location, speed and battery levels when others are using it. Using SkyLINK PROTECT, vehicle owners can set geographic and speed thresholds and receive text or email alerts when either is exceeded.

SkyLINK PowerSport is offered through motorcycle, motorsports and car dealerships at the time of vehicle purchase, and is good for the lifetime of the vehicle. The first year of the SkyLINK PROTECT subscription service is included in the price and service can be renewed in subsequent years.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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