For smaller riders: Klock Werks Billboard FLARE Windshield

Publish Date: 
Jun 12, 2014

MITCHELL, S.D. - Laura Klock is vice president and co-owner of Klock Werks, so the company's low Billboard FLARE windshield supports a woman-owned business in addition to providing better aerodynamics for smaller riders.

This low version is designed for Harley-Davidson Road Kings and the 2012 and later Dyna Switchback FLD, but there is a long list of other applications. Measuring 16 ⅜” from the headlight opening to the top of the shield, its design is classic Klock Werks, with “hips” on the side and a flip at the top.

The pre-drilled windshields use the stock mounting hardware. Retail price: $229.95