Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson celebrates 10 years in business

Publish Date: 
Aug 4, 2014

MARYVILLE, Tenn. – It’s been one party after another at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, which celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend.

“We don’t need a lot of reasons to throw one,” owner Scott Maddux told the Daily Times. “We throw one every weekend from April to October, and I’ve been planning this one for 10 years.”

The three-day event featured a variety of rider and family activities and games, said marketing director Kim Knight.

“We’ve been blessed to do a lot in the past 10 years,” Maddux said. “We set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest simultaneous motorcycle burnout, a record that others have attempted to beat several times, including in Sturgis, S.D., which hosts one of the world’s largest motorcycle rallies. We’ve given away a Habitat for Humanity house. We were able to do these things through the generosity of the customers who have supported Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson.”

Since opening the Maryville headquarters, Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson has expanded its footprint with full dealerships in Pigeon Forge and London, Ky. and retail stores in Gatlinburg, Tellico Plains and Tallassee. The company employs 200 people.

“We’re one of the top dealerships in the country,” Maddux said. “Year after year, we’re in the top 10th percentile. In my standards, we’re in the top 1 percent. It speaks volumes about this area that we’re competing with Los Angeles and Daytona, Fla.”