SNOW 2014: Brisk weather, brisk sales for snowmobile dealers

Publish Date: 
Jan 13, 2014
By Vince Guerrieri

Rexburg’s Burt said Polaris sales have been brisk, since the company has been liberally offering rebates and other programs for buyers. “I’ve never seen more aggressive support from a manufacturer,” Burt said.

Polaris Indy snowmobile (press image courtesy Polaris)

Glassman said Polaris snowmobile sales have been slow, which he thinks is due at least in part to the abundance of Polaris dealers through Minnesota, where the OEM is headquartered. (Sales are going well for Polaris ATVs, he noted.)

In November and December, Tousley sold 54 more snowmobiles than the same period in 2012, boosting overall sales by more than $750,000.

“We’re way ahead of last year, sales-wise and income-wise,” Glassman said.

Of the 56 snowmobiles sold in November, 43 were new. Of the 104 sold in December, 75 were new. Klim, whose organization only tracks new snowmobile sales, said that most first-time buyers will buy a used snowmobile and then, if their interest continues, trade in and upgrade to a new one.

However, Klim said that if sales of new snowmobiles increase, it usually means that sales of used snowmobiles go up as well – which appears to be the case this season.

“Dealers have less used products for sale,” he said. “There seems to be somewhat of a shortage of used equipment.”

Klim said there have been particularly noticeable sales increases out west, where mountain sleds and crossover vehicles are popular. “There’s a lot of interest to go ride the mountains,” he said.

Burt said sales are up year-over-year, and estimates that by the time the buying season is over – around March – Rexburg will have sold about 550 machines, a 10 percent increase from last year.

“This is probably the best snowmobile year for us for at least five years,” he said.