Snowmobile clubs help put out Oregon forest fire

Publish Date: 
Jul 18, 2014

OAKRIDGE, Ore. -- Members of two snowmobile clubs helped put out a fire caused by a lightning strike Saturday.

A group of eight people from the Walker Rim and Willamette Side-By-Side snowmobile clubs were maintaining trails and picking up trash near the Timpanogas Campground in Willamette National Forest, and moved to a fire lookout ridge.

"CJ Price, our club president, was waving us up to come quickly to come look at this, and he pointed out on the horizon smoke," said Travis Omlin, a member of both clubs. "Then all of sudden you just see the flames."

A lightning strike had set a tree on fire. Omlin said club members called the Forest Service, and then went to the fire, moving the ground away from the flames and using fire extinguishers and other tools to put out the fire. Omlin told KBOI-TV that it took more than 45 minutes to put out the fire.

Omlin said within an hour of reporting the forest fire, a Forest Service employee made it to the site.

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