SoCal entrepreneur builds a better spark plug


A Southern California entrepreneur has developed a new spark plug that increases motorcycle horsepower and torque.

Scott Applebaum, 48, runs Multispark LLC, a small business built around his multi-point spark plug design. He’s won a $95,000 grant from the California Energy Commission to investigate use of the spark plug in buses running on compressed natural gas, and Connect, a local program for entrepreneurs, gave the spark plug its Most Innovative New Product Award in the clean technology category.

PowerStar plugs rely on a star-shaped tip, offering multiple gaps for the spark to jump. They come in five- and eight-point versions.

Applebaum’s company holds three patents on the plugs and is pursuing a fourth. Zoltan Takarich, Multispark’s VP and COO, came up with the trade secret manufacturing technology, Applebaum told the San Diego Business Journal.

Applebaum says PowerStar plugs are more efficient on fuel and cut down on emissions, reducing nitrogen oxides 5 percent and carbon monoxide 30 percent.

MSRP for PowerStar plugs is $14.95 for the automotive spark plug, and $17.95 for the motorcycle version.

Posted by Holly Wagner