Social media marketer promises to boost business with customer videos

Publish Date: 
Oct 15, 2013

OCALA, Fla. - VASS Customer Testimonial Pages is a Tennessee company that promises to help dealers exploit social media channels with video testimonials from customers. VASS builds customer testimonial web pages for client dealerships, which include Harley-Davidson of Ocala and Harley-Davidson of Columbia, Tenn.

“This is the most unbelievable marketing tool that anyone has brought me in forever and ever,” said Columbia H-D dealer principal Ricky Kelley in his own testimonial on the VASS website. “It goes directly from you to the ultimate retail consumer to the Internet, and the Internet does the rest.”

Kelley said the system said he has seen a 350 percent week-over-week gain in page views since implementing the system last June. View his testimonial HERE

VASS creates a testimonial page for each customer who buys a new vehicle from the dealer over the 12-month contract period. The company then helps the dealer share the customer pages in major social media streams by emailing links to the pages to the customer, the salesperson and the dealership, so that everyone can share, comment, Like and +1 the pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

VASS will also do its own form of promotion for the pages it creates by posting and sharing the pages in Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and blogs, online articles and occasional press releases.

“It’s wonderful to have another Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer join VASS, and Harley Davidson of Ocala is no exception. Their staff is first-class, and have a progressive mindset regarding taking care of their existing customer base with outstanding sales practices and excellent service. They are exactly the type of motorcycle dealership we wish to represent. We look forward to helping them gain market-share and build trust in their region”, said Drew Bourke, VASS creator and CEO of Avidea LLC.

Posted by Holly Wagner