Software designer creates Harley diagnostic iPhone app

Publish Date: 
Sep 21, 2012

VICTORIA, B.C. – A Canadian software designer has developed an iPhone app that helps diagnose mechanical problems on Harley-Davidsons with an easy-to-read digital gauge.

GaugeFace designer Sven Resch created the app that so far only works with Harley-Davidson models, but he said he's working to expand it to other makes.

 “In my mind, why do I have to take it to garage when the engine light comes on?” Resch, CEO of Logicopolis Technology, told Metronews. “My (app) does that, it tells you what’s wrong. If you’re apt to figure it out and you can clear the problem, you don’t have to go to garage to do things, and if you bring it into a Harley shop, you can feel confident that things are on the up-and-up.”

The app, compatible with iPhones and iPads, gives users a variety of displays including a speedometer, tachometer, levels for engine temperature, a fuel gauge, gear indicator and indicator lights. The software can be downloaded for free, and for $265 users can also buy the hardware adapter, which connects the iPhone to a Harley-Davidson.

“It’s really been popular more with the younger crowd, so what I’m finding is there’s a cross-section of those that are techno-savvy, that have an iPhone, are really into it, and they have a Harley-Davidson,” Resch said. “I think that cross-section will expand over time as the demographic of people buying Harleys slowly changes.”

Posted by Holly Wagner