Sourcebook 2013: Business Consultants

Publish Date: 
Dec 16, 2012

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This directory of providers is a service from Dealernews; information is sourced from the 2013 Dealernews Sourcebook. Full contact information for the companies listed in these sections is available in the December 2012 edition of Dealernews (print and e-zine). 

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The following companies have indicated that they offer business consulting to dealers:

Avitus Group

Comptron Data

Curtis Industries LLC

Dominion Insights

George Walker Consulting

Glenbriar Technologies

Ideal Computer Systems

InterArt Studios

Lonski and Associates LLC

Motorcycle Industry Consulting Services LLC

NCM Associates

Paragon Powersports

Peak Performance Business Group

Pied Piper Management Co LLC

Power Products Marketing

PowerHouse Dealer Services

RPM One                   

Seizmik Utility Systems

Service Manager Pro


Spader Business Management

Strokers Dallas

SuperTrapp Industries

Tec Art Industries

Thetagear International Co Ltd

Up Front Promotions

Vroom Network

World Of Powersports

Xtremegard/Serviceguard Systems