Sourcebook 2013 > Service Listings > Business/Retail Services

Publish Date: 
Dec 19, 2012

Dealernews Sourcebook 2013 > Service Listings > Business/Retail Services


This directory of providers is a service from Dealernews; information is sourced from the 2013 Dealernews Sourcebook. Full contact information for the companies listed in these sections is available in the December 2012 edition of Dealernews (print and e-zine). 

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Business Consultants: General

Customer Relationship Management

Extended Service Contracts

F&I: Finance

F&I: Insurance



Media: Electronic:

Media: Print

Race/Event Promoters

Real Estate/Location Services

Recycling/Environmental Services

Sales Consultants

Store Design/Merchandising

Tour Operators

Training/Education Services


Used Vehicle Auction/Wholesale

Vehicle PG&A Inventory Adjustment

Website/E-Commerce Provider