Spader highlights all-star management seminar program in Indy

Publish Date: 
Dec 3, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Will you be in business this time next year? A special Dealer Expo presentation by John Spader of Spader Business Management might just tell you.

More than 20 high-level business seminars for retail management, marketing, sales and vehicle service --  part of the Dealernews Learning Experience presented by Dealership University -- will be presented Friday through Sunday of Dealer Expo. These seminars are offered free to registered dealer/retail attendees.

DEALERS, RETAILERS: To apply for your free registration for the 2013 Dealer Expo, click HERE.

Spader’s Friday and Saturday morning presentations will discuss how his company determines the specific traits of high-performance dealerships.

Spader’s research is quite complex but the outcome is evident: The management consulting firm uses proprietary algorithms incorporating more than 1,500 individual data points to generate easy-to-view graphics that, in turn, determines an individual dealer’s success rate over time. As a result, Spader can measure the health of a dealership today and determine where it’s going to be tomorrow, and that gives owner-operators the time to make adjustments for future benefits, according to Rod Stuckey, president of Dealership University.

Spader will be joined on the Management seminar track by Hal Ethington of ADP Lightspeed, Tony Gonzalez of Gart Sutton and Associates, consultant and 20 Group moderator Sam Dantzler, and PowerHouse Dealer Services’ Bill Shenk of the popular DealerLAB project at Dealernews.

Shenk will pull back the curtain of the Dealer LAB to show how he is attempting to return a once-failing dealership back to profitability through the use of quality processes and fact-based decisions. He will candidly share his challenges so far with staff turnover, moving to a new location, satisfying OEM requirements, obtaining financing, and more.

Ethington’s Friday presentation on Data Back industry trends will show attendees how to track and measure dealership data to accurately determine business performance. The “right” information will allow a parts department, for example, to identify average sale per ticket, percentage of discounted tickets and salesperson rankings; while in sales you can determine quickly whether your margins are increasing, declining or holding.

Dantzler will speak both Saturday and Sunday mornings on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Powersports Dealers. Playing on the theme of the Stephen Covey best-seller, Dantzler contends there are seven new habits dealers must adopt to solve personal and professional challenges, and achieve maximum profitability. He also will be discussing what “not” to do.

Finally, Gonzalez will discuss the shortage of qualified workers in the powersports industry and the specific challenges dealers are having when looking for high-performance salespeople, technicians and others. Gonzalez, who has worked with more than 300 dealerships, will identify the specific changes that must be made in recruiting and hiring, and what some “inventive” dealers are doing.

All Dealernews Learning Experience seminars, workshops and SuperSessions will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday through Sunday in order to give attendees enough time during the afternoon to meet with exhibitors and scour new product lines on the show floor.

Dealer Expo also will host its Annual Industry Party on Saturday night in downtown Indianapolis. The 2013 Top 100 Dealers, including Dealer of the Year, will be revealed Friday evening in a dinner gala event. 

Posted by Mary Slepicka