Spanish manufacturer of electric scooters seeks OEM distributors

Publish Date: 
Feb 26, 2013

BARCELONA, Spain - Scutum, a Spanish manufacturer founded in 2011, is seeking OEM distributors for its electric cargo scooter, which is slated for mass-production this April in Barcelona.

Scutum claims its team has experience in previous development projects and electric motorcycles in Europe.

According to a Scutum news release: “Scutum does not intend to become a large brand itself, but focuses on its core role as an R&D&I manufacturing company, which has developed its own ‘drive system’ and two electric scooter platforms (S01 and S02). The scooters will be offered to brands of cars and motorcycles who want to enter the world of two-wheeled EVs as well as to distribution companies from around the world with their own established identities.”

Scutum claims its S02 model is the first electric cargo scooter with a completely extractable lithium battery pack. The model is powered by a 4kW motor. A Smartphone Dock and a communication interface allow for “simple and class-leading efficiency in service support.”

With government assistance, Scutum worked on the S02 electric scooter for more than two years. More than 90 percent of the scooter’s parts are manufactured locally.

The company said it is now “focused on finding different brands and distribution groups from around the world that want to offer quality, European-made electric vehicles to their dealers and fleet customers.” Further details are at

“Only with the introduction of electric vehicles, people will trust in new technology,” said Carlos Sotelo, director general of Scutum and a former Dakar Rally rider. “The companies and final customers will save money, and we will walk together to a more sustainable world. It’s in our hands.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine. Photos courtesy Scutum.