Sparta Commercial Services Chasing Market Share

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc., a national provider of consumer financing in the powersports industry, is stepping up its marketing and sales initiatives to capture what the company believes to be the 30 percent of the motorcycle financing and leasing market not currently served by its competition.

The company estimates that this equates to an estimated $2.2 billion in annual motorcycle sales not served by its competitors in the 600cc plus Motorcycle market segment.

"Currently we have an unprecedented opportunity to capture a significant portion of the market for financing and leasing motorcycles and scooters," commented Anthony Havens, Sparta's CEO. "Soaring fuel prices, increasing personal environmental responsibility, and the impact of the mortgage debacle on larger finance companies has created a perfect storm; consumers are demanding options. This is a unique economic and social environment, one that comes along very rarely, yet offers tremendous potential."

"The current market is similar to the early days of the automotive leasing market, which changed the way automobiles were acquired, and boosted overall auto sales tremendously," Havens says. "The motorcycle and scooter leasing market is now only in its infancy. We intend to capitalize on this niche by providing the right product with the best customer service in the business. We believe our past and future results will demonstrate our understanding of the powersports industry and our ability to become a dominant player."