Sparta Commercial Services launching used motorcycle history service


Sparta Commercial Services is launching a new subsidiary to let dealers and potential buyers research motorcycle histories before buying.

Sparta says the new entity, the name and Web address of which has not been revealed, will offer consumers, dealers, insurers and lenders “an opportunity to review a detailed history of used motorcycles before any financing or insurance coverage is approved, or any purchase is concluded.”

The reports will show the service record, any accident history, the number of previous owners, and the last documented mileage. For a fee, the new subsidiary's system will track all of the information through the VIN.

"A similar system has been in place in the automotive industry for many years, and very successfully. Given the fact that so many powersports vehicles cost as much, or more, than many of the cars and trucks that are on the road, a system that would provide consumers and all interested parties with the kind of information that would help in the decision-making process about whether or not to purchase or insure a particular vehicle seems logical and wise,” says Sparta CEO Anthony Havens. “We decided to get into that business in a strong way, and we expect our new subsidiary to become a trusted and widely used source of important and valuable information, as well as a very successful business over time."

The company is keeping the new subsidiary's name and Web site confidential until its official launch because “premature visits to the website would be counterproductive” and potentially problematic.

Posted by Holly Wagner