Sparta launches Cyclechex vehicle history service


Sparta Commercial Services has launched the first division of its new vehicle history subsidiary, Specialty Reports, Inc., which will operate under the name Cyclechex.

SRI plans to offer online access to detailed product ownership and usage reports for various classes of previously owned assets.

Cyclechex will provide detailed motorcycle history reports to consumers, retail dealers, lenders, and insurers, enabling any interested party to have critical information about a motorcycle prior to a purchase, the granting of a loan, or the issuance of insurance coverage.

Cyclechex will offer, for a fee, a historical report that may include information about accidents and crash report data, along with title information, documented last recorded mileage, lemon law status, and the number of previous owners. The Cyclechex system tracks the motorcycle's history through its VIN.

"The Cyclechex history report will provide a comfort level never before available. For a lender considering a loan on a given motorcycle, or an insurance carrier contemplating the issuance of coverage, the critical information provided by a Cyclechex motorcycle history report can make the decision about a specific vehicle easier and more reassuring," promises Jeff Dobish, EVP of marketing for the new Sparta subsidiary.

Posted by Holly Wagner