Special report: End of the lead ban


It seems like a long time ago that Malcolm Smith decided to vent his frustration with the lead ban by holding his Kids Love 2 Ride Protest at his store in Riverside, Calif. A trio of industry notables — Bud Feldkamp, Jeff Ward and Troy Lee — lined up as buyers in Smith’s act of civil disobedience. Luckily Smith neither went to jail nor got hit with fines that could have totaled up to $300,000 after the March 2009 event.

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Let the future ride
Carla Rauba is a 16-year-old motocross fanatic who is a regular blogger on the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows website. She wrote this blog post in response to Congress and the President passing the legislation that exempted powersports vehicles from the lead ban provisions of the CPSIA. We felt that Rauba’s post was of particular interest as it gave voice to those most affected by the lead ban — young riders.