Specialty Reports, More Than Rewards build loyalty app

Publish Date: 
Sep 11, 2013

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Specialty Reports Inc., is partnering with with More Than Rewards LLC, a provider of web-based customer loyalty and rewards programs, to integrate a loyalty program with Specialty Reports’ vehicle history report mobile system.

The relationship enables SRI's Specialty Mobile Apps division to offer dealer customers access to the More Than Rewards loyalty program technology via their smart phones. Consumers will be able to check their reward accounts through their mobile device any time, and receive instant rewards for purchases.

"When a consumer visits a dealer and uses the dealer's Specialty Mobile app, they'll be able to select any product they're interested in buying on their smart phone or tablet. Then, the customer will be able to view what discounts or other rewards are available and receive those rewards as the purchase is made." said Anthony Havens, CEO of  SRI parent Sparta Commercial Services. “Another advantage is that the rewards or discounts are apparent before the purchase is made. Your mobile app can now become a marketing vehicle inside your store for every customer with a smart phone."

More than Rewards manages loyaly programs for more than 1,900 powersports dealers. 

Posted by Holly Wagner