Speed and Strength enters adventure touring market with Urge Overkill line

Publish Date: 
Jul 20, 2013

FRISCO, Texas - Speed and Strength unveiled its new waterproof Urge Overkill line today at the Tucker Rocky dealer show, marking the company’s first foray into the adventure touring division. The line includes a jacket, pants, boots, gloves and a helmet, and is already in stock for dealers to order.

“We think it’s one of the fastest-growing segments in the motorcycle market, and we think we have a similar customer: it’s an adventurous risk-taker,” says Bruce Parker, President of Parker Synergies. “Some guys are transitioning out of traditional sportbikes and opting for a bike with 17-inch wheels and a high seat height.”

The Urge Overkill jacket is available in four solid colors or camo, and sizing ranges from S to 3XL. The pants come in two color options – black or camo – and have the same sizing. The jacket has a retail price of $249.95, and the pants retail for $199.95.

Like the pants and jacket, the black Urge Overkill boots are waterproof. Two aluminum buckles with adjustable straps secure the boots, and their design maintains an element of Speed and Strength’s urban style. The boots have a $139.95 price tag and come in sizes 8 through 13.

The waterproof leather and textile Urge Overkill gloves have gauntlets, a face shield wiper, and additional molded finger and knuckle protectors. Available from S to 2XL, the gloves retail for $79.95.

The Speed and Strength SS2500 helmet includes a new Urge Overkill graphics option, which matches the camo colorway and retails for $219.95.

Images courtesy Speed and Strength.