Sport-Touring Tire Expands into Extended Mileage


Sport-touring is a way of riding, not just a type of bike. With this in mind, Pirelli (Booths 1713 and 1719) unveils the Angel ST, a sport-touring tire that can be marketed to riders of standards, naked bikes and supersports. Pirelli says the tire offers high performance, high grip (wet or dry), high mileage and a reasonable cost. It’s the first tire in a new tire category: Extended Mileage Sport (EMS), the compound of which is tailored for the latest sport and supersport touring motorcycles.

The Angel ST uses Pirelli’s patented 0-degree steel radial belting for a compliant structure. Pirelli says that compared to its predecessor, the Diablo Strada, the Angel ST has improved grip in all conditions on bikes ranging from naked 600s to high-powered machines like the Hayabusa and Concours 14. Testing, the company says, has shown a substantial increase in estimated mileage over other supersport and sport-touring tires, with “unwavering, uniform and predictable grip for every one of those miles.”

The tire has a new profile, compounds and tread pattern. The result, Pirell says, is the balanced performance of Enhanced Patch technology (EPT), in which the contact patch is optimized through the coordination of these components.

According to Pirelli, the Angel ST has set seven FIM records, and garnered the 24-hour Duration World Record on one set of tires last spring, setting a record of 3,190.8 miles at average speed of 132.9 mph.

The Angel ST is available at the same retail prices as its predecessor: $179.95 for the front, $246.95 for the rear. Pirelli Tire North America last month announced that Western Power Sports distributes its tires in addition to Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties.