Sportbike Sales on Fire


If you read last month's column by Don Brown, you probably weren't surprised by his conclusion that Sportbike sales are on fire with Suzuki leading the pack with sales of about 63,000 units in '06, and the entire segment being up 18 percent for the year.

In fact, Suzuki reports that for '06 alone, it sold a combined 41,000-plus units in its GSX-R family and more than 10,400 Hayabusas.

So, what does this mean for you?

For one thing it presents a new selling opportunity and the chance to add new customers to your base. Typically sportbike riders are younger than members of any other category of street rider, and the annual improvement in technology in this category means customers are going to be looking for the latest and greatest every couple of years for a good period of time.

Also, as mentioned in the publisher's note this month, the sportbike market is diverging along several paths, custom and stunting in addition to the traditional canyon carver roadracer type, giving you the opportunity to sell more aftermarket product than ever before.

Take some time with the sportbike section and see if you can't figure out some new ways to improve your bottom line in '07. — Mike Vaughan