Sporties get a bump with S&S Cycle’s 482 bolt-in cam

Publish Date: 
Apr 29, 2013

VIOLA, Wis. - S&S Cycle’s new 482 bolt-in cams for Harley-Davidson Sportsters model years 2000 and newer are compatible with the stock pushrods and valve springs.

According to the V-twin motor company, the cams work well with 883cc and 1200cc engines, and pair nicely with the company’s big-bore conversion kits. The cam reportedly offer the best gains at 3500 to 6500 rpm.

Since the cams work with stock parts, S&S says that they make an economical installation because no replacement parts are needed. Laborwise, the cylinder heads do not have to be removed to install the valve springs, the company reports.

The cams can also be used in 1988-1999 engines with stock flywheels if a a 2000-up pinion gear is used.

Posted by Dennis Johnson