Sprint Filters offer low maintenance with real-world waterproofing

Publish Date: 
Oct 1, 2013
By Bruce Steever

MILAN, Italy - Tell your café racers, custom bike builders and any other customer who builds or rides bikes with exposed engine elements: Just because your bike features exposed pod-style air filters, there’s no reason to put the bike away when rain threatens.

Better yet, there’s now reason to spend time and money constantly cleaning and re-oiling your filters, either.

Thanks to Sprint Filters and its over 60 years of experience manufacturing air filters, there are now fully air filter options for custom machines with exposed intakes. The Sprint Filter P08 WP features a precision filtration medium that is not only capable of setting records at the Bonneville Salt Flats but is cleanable within seconds using compressed air, simplifying maintenance. A special PTFE treatment adds total waterproofing to the filter media, making it ready to race on clear or rainy days without the addition of water “socks” or other covers.

A full range of air filter sizes and fittings are available starting around $75.