Squeaky Bio-Kleen


Bio-Kleen (Booth 6023) has two products that keep motorcycles clean and protected without an ounce of water. Bike Magik Polish & Sealant is a synthetic polish that reportedly creates a brilliant, high-gloss shine and a shield against water spots, insects, bird droppings and UV rays. For daily or regular maintenance, Bike Magik Qwik Shine can be misted over the entire bike and buffed off. It's said to remove road dust, fingerprints and water spots. For snowmobiles, there's SledBrite Belly Pan Cleaner. This is a spray-on, wipe-off cleaner and degreaser made to remove carbon deposits, clutch belt dust and grease. The cleaner can also be diluted and used on RVs, trailers and tools. All three products are biodegradable.