Stan's Harley-Davidson goes solar

Publish Date: 
Nov 26, 2013

BATAVIA, N.Y. - Workers are just about finished installing a solar panel array atop the west side roof of Stan's Harley Davidson.

The total cost of the project, which covers more than 10,000 sq. ft. of roof, is $574,000 with the cost partially financed by state and federal tax credits, according to The Batavian.

Stan’s will benefit because the power generated and sent to the national grid will be sold back at a reduced rate. the panels will produce enough electricity to run all of Stan's operations. That should add up to about a 50 percent cost savings each month for the dealership.

"We won't know, probably, until the first of the year and it's up and going what it's actually doing," said owner Darryl Horzempa. "I'm interested in recycling and things like that, so it was a natural thing to me to help take care of the environment." 

Posted by Holly Wagner