State of Indiana, local dealer work to stem ATV-related accidents

Publish Date: 
Aug 12, 2013

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. - A dozen ATV related fatalities so far this year in Indiana have prompted state authorities to warn riders to be extra careful.

Three people, including two young children, were killed while riding ATVs over the Aug. 3 weekend; authorities say alcohol, speed and just plain bad judgment contributed to those crashes.

"The primary causes of accidents we see are speed, first and foremost, operator inexperience and then alcohol," Indiana conservation officer Jim Hash told WDRB. He advised wearing protective gear, especially a helmet, “even if you're in a side by side or a passenger vehicle with a crash cage."

CC Powersports in Clarksville, Indiana, plans to host an ATV safety seminar this fall.

"Any time we sell an ATV we strive to make sure everyone is protected as much as possible and they follow the guidelines," manager Derek Korte said. "Pretty much any part of your body can be protected."

Posted by Holly Wagner