Steroids for the Hulk: LeoVince adds power to ZX-14R

Publish Date: 
Jul 14, 2013
By Bruce Steever

RICHMOND, Calif. - You know that Kawasaki did a great job when it refreshed the ZX-14 into the current ZX-14R. But clearly, the engineers at Team Green just didn’t spend any time adding horsepower.

Luckily, the aftermarket is always willing to help riders push their bikes to the next level.

LeoVince’s new LV One racing exhaust system ($1,199-1,299 MSRP) brings World Superbike-developed technology to Kawasaki’s flagship sportbike. Lightweight stainless-steel headers connect to a choice of carbon fiber or stainless-steel canisters, and power is claimed to increase across the rev range.

LeoVince USA also recommends the use of reusable racing BMC air filters to match its various exhausts. Of course, the LV One is a full race system, and as such, is designed for closed-course operation only.