Steve Zarwell and Neil Frame Announce Dealer Operation Services, Alliance

Steve Zarwell, a long term contributor to Dealernews Magazine and Neil Frame Formerly General Manager of MIC Systems & Software announced an alliance where they will be providing Dealer Operating Services to Powersports dealers across North America. This service will be different from 20 Group type of services. The focus will be on producing solutions immediately and not waiting for the next group meeting.

“We have been in these situations when business is tough and when it was good. Our grasp of knowing what to do now to stabilize a dealership is what will clearly separate our services from the rest and substantively help the dealer, Said Neil Frame. Steve and I believe that spending time on the phone with the dealer principal before a dealer visit and then being prepared to hit the ground running will pay huge dividends for the store. Our pre-visit phone interview will drive the plan regarding what we need to start working on together to attain his or her goals.”

Operations management, Department Management and employee training will the main focus.

No dealership works the same way or experiences the same market variables so we take the approach that “knowing” the dealer and then implementing logical solutions for that store will provide the biggest bang for the buck About Steve Zarwell and Neil Frame Steve Zarwell writes a monthly article “Minding your Business” for Dealernews and has been an industry speaker and 20 group leader along with working in and managing dealerships.

Neil Frame was General Manager for MIC Systems for 13 years and before that worked in and managed dealerships and provided dealer operation services. Neil also performed sales and management seminars across the country.

Contact: Steve Zarwell at or 916.316.0182

Neil Frame at or 303.378.4003