Steve Zarwell: Making Your 2010 Plan

Publish Date: 
Dec 16, 2009
By Steve Zarwell

I WOULD LIKE EVERY powersports dealer to set aside one hour this week -- after you close and you're alone in your "bunker" -- to think about this year. Most likely, it was tough.

So make a change for next year. Take the most simplistic step possible: do an honest review of your business, staff and expenses. Make it a quick review. Then, make some fundamental decisions that you will enact as policy for 2010.

The next night, have the staff stay at the store for an hour after close. Tell them your plan, and that you want them to be a part of shaping 2010. Give your staff the opportunity to throw any ideas they have on the table for consideration. At the end of the hour, thank them and send them home.

Now compile those ideas, and prepare them to review with your staff the next day. If you are the decision-maker, then you should decide which ideas you want to lock in. Make sure you get buy-in from everyone.

If you haven't yet done a 2010 budget, along with your projections for each department, do that as now. When you know what you want each department to accomplish, and you set a budget, you have a roadmap toward achieving your goals. If you miss a goal, adjust the roadmap.

Neil Frame and I at Channel Ideas have a simple budget and projections form that will help you prepare for 2010. Just call us a 303.526.9620 to request one. Happy Holidays!