Stocking stuffer: Exhaust-scented candles from Flying Tiger Moto

Publish Date: 
Dec 18, 2013

MAPLEWOOD, Mo. – Snowed in for the holidays? Craving the charge you get from a ride or adding a sparkly new accessory to your bike, while you’re stuck listening to Aunt Minnie complain about her bunions?

Flying Tiger Moto has the perfect stocking stuffer for you.

Flying Tiger offers two scented candles for those who never get enough of their rides:

  • The Open Road candle blends the fragrances of black suede (Can you tell if it’s black from the smell?) and salt air; and
  • The Two Stroke Smoke candle, “made with real live Blendzall Racing Castor 2 stroke oil with high-octane fragrance,” according to the website.


The candles are available for $20 each from Flying Tiger Motorcycles at