Stop the slide with Sargent Cycle's new Super Ténéré seat

Publish Date: 
Mar 15, 2013

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Sargent Cycle Products reports that its new World Sport Performance front and rear seat for Yamaha’s Super Ténéré cures the stock perches' tendency to slide riders and passengers forward.

Using computer-aided design and posterior-tested craftsmanship, Sargent's development team reportedly eliminated the Super Ténéré saddles' crowned shape and forward slope that gives it minimal support. Now, the rider's seat is slightly lower in the bike's standard and tall mounting positions.

According to Sargent, the World Sport's contoured foam features optimal seat angles for riders and passengers. The front seat is narrower by the fuel tank, but both are wider than stock moving rearward — where it's most needed — in their slightly concave seating areas, effectively increasing butt-to-seat contact patches to distribute weight over a greater area.

The seat is 20 percent wider than stock. It’s built with a durable, injection-molded PolyTec base pan that includes a molded-in storage nook for small essentials. It’s also closer to the ground than stock. The seat features Sargent’s proprietary Super Cell Atomic suspension foam, and are covered with marine-grade, UV-stabilized, waterproof upholstery.

Sargent’s seat can also be upgraded to include heating, which is regulated by a small, waterproof controller. The seat is covered by a one-year limited warranty, and seats ordered directly from the company come with a no-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee and free extended warranty. There is also an aftercare program that offers repair, reupholstering and refurbishing services.

Posted by Dennis Johnson