StreetFX makes product packaging more user-friendly

Publish Date: 
Dec 5, 2011


StreetFX has announced that it has retooled its Flex Pro motorcycle kit packaging just in time for the new year.

“We ended up changing the packaging because customers were having issues accessing the original “try me” switch. This new design will allow our customers to easily access the ‘try me’ button so they can test the brightness and color of their LEDs before they buy,” says VP StreetFX Sales, Jim Lewis.

The user-friendly packaging features clear front panels. Dealers will be pleased to know that the packaging has been streamlined to reduce shelf clutter.

In addition, StreetFX will provide free lighted signage for qualifying dealers. The signs say, “Pro Flex Kit Sold Here.” For more information, contact your StreetFC sales rep, or email

Posted by Cynthia Furey