Sturgis gets $200,000 in 2011 rally revenue

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Feb 23, 2012

The 2011 Sturgis rally brought in an income of $1,141,705 and net revenue of $237,253 for the city of Sturgis, City Manager Daniel Ainslie told the City Council this week.

Some of the major income sources include vendor fees, property rentals, the sponsorship program, advertising revenue and special sanitation fees, according to the Rapid City Journal .

The rally had $904,451 in expenses. Some of the major expenses included supplies and materials for city departments, which was mostly food, professional fees with Motoring USA, publishing expenses, and wages and benefits, especially overtime for city employees and extra help hired during the rally.

In addition, the city gave more than $40,000 to local rally charities, resulting in $197,107 being deposited into the general fund. City sales tax receipts were not calculated into the revenue.

Still, the revenue doesn’t go as far as some would like. "Something like that would continue to help us open up the community center to the public but again that doesn't even cover all of the costs to keep the community center open," Ainslie said. "It does help but unfortunately it does not pave our streets in gold."

City workers are planning a new event for 2012: the South Dakota Experience, an attraction designed to bring in vendors and businesses with products made in South Dakota.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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